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  • At least 24 people, including at least seven children, have been killed in concentration camps under the charge of United States forces by mandate of President Donald J. Trump. Regarding my use of the term “concentration camp,” in an audio recording released yesterday, Sen. Sasse, a notable supporter and promoter of Donald Trump and his policies who voted to prohibit witnesses from testifying to the Senate during impeachment hearings and who voted to acquit the president of high crimes and misdemeanors, acknowledges that these makeshift prisons at the southern border are “actual concentration camps.” The audio is below. This is important. Journalists were reporting on inhumane conditions in these detention centers in 2018. Donald J. Trump was acquitted on impeachment charges in February of 2020. Sen. Ben Sasse was one of the Republican senators who voted to acquit Donald J. Trump, despite understanding that Trump had ordered “literal concentration camps” where well over 5,000 children have been forcibly taken away from their families. While most other Republicans deny that they believe intentional crimes are being committed, Sen. Sasse’s words indicate that he has full understanding that he has enabled crimes against humanity for political convenience. Certainly, he cannot be the only one, but he is one who has confessed to this, albeit believing the public never would hear the confession.
  • In August of 2017, 21-year-old Heather Heyer was murdered by white-supremacist Donald Trump supporter James Alex Fields, Jr., during a “Unite the Right” white supremacy rally in Charlottesville, Va. Challenged to condemn the murder, Trump memorably claimed that white supremacy opponents who protested peacefully were partially to blame for the murder, with “very fine people on both sides.”
  • Trump’s attempts to scapegoat China for his governance failure related to COVID-19 has resulted in a surge of anti-Asian sentiment among Trump supporters and the Republican party, resulting in the U.S. House of Representatives passing a resolution to condemn his xenophobic re-naming of the virus.
  • Trump regularly tweets messages that many interpret as “dog whistles” to racists, and occasionally retweets explicitly violent ones, such as a video of a supporter saying that “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.”

Washington, D.C.-based professional writer and unprofessional painter with many passions, including health, decency, Earth, asking questions and lots more.

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