It’s reality, and the only reason I know it is that I’ve lived it. I spent a decade working directly with federal health institutes and agencies, and for years as my health took a nosedive, I even gave the CDC’s claims about Lyme disease greater credence than my own lived experiences. It wasn’t until I was selected by the CDC for a federal health survey through which a field worker attempted to intimidate, coerce and ultimately threaten me that I was shaken awake to *real* reality instead of the one that’s prescribed by authorities.

As for the conspiracy theories…I have no dog in that fight whatsoever. My investigations, discussions and attempts to discern reality from commonly agreed upon fictions are only intended to shed light on reality up until the point that extraordinarily ill people who are being neglected and harmed by the medical institutions are treated with respect, dignity and their health improved to the greatest extent of current and emerging medical knowledge. As a gay adolescent who was publicly battered, berated and driven to the point of suicidality from seventh grade through high school graduation, I will not stand by silently while vulnerable people are being marginalized and penalized for their lives’ circumstances.

Washington, D.C.-based professional writer and unprofessional painter with many passions, including health, decency, Earth, asking questions and lots more.

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